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What would it mean to you to look your best each and every day without paying exorbitant prices? At Asana Skin Spa, North Toronto's best kept skin care secret, it is possible to achieve both.

Whether you seek anti-aging skin care or laser hair removal treatments, our knowledgeble and professionally trained staff provides comprehensive solutions in a convenient and relaxed environment.

The Asana Skin Spa philosophy is simple while the benefits are plentiful. With every visit, careful attention to detail ensures Asana clients feel relaxed and pampered. Using top of the line FDA-approved products, advanced skin care treatments and state of the art technology, you are sure to leave Asana Skin Spa feeling renewed and radiant with beautifully visible results!

Our Testimonial

  • "I noticed a visible improvement to my face
    after only my second visit to Asana Skin Spa. The staff is welcoming and knowledgable and the location is so convenient. This North Toronto mom looks and feels great! Thanks Asana Skin Spa!"
  • "My face is great and looks fabulous Who knew at 35 years old I can look 25 again. I am all over this laser stuff!"
  • "True Story! - Kevin told me how great I looked when he came home from working a long shift at the hospital was so fumny! He never says that (except after I see Cathy). It is all thanks to her fabulous customized skin treatments!!"
  • "Cathy's approach is so calm and caring. In my hectic life calm is big. The treatments took years off my face."

“In a perfect world the ideal beauty treatment, would understand exactly what you want and be able to give you that result instantly.” - Cathy Douglas
“Taking care of your skin should fit into your lifestyle in the way that washing your hair and working out does” - Lori Stern, Medical Esthetician
Ladies and Gentleman: Kiss your razor goodbye. Toss your tweezers. Lose the wax. With laser hair removal from Asana Skin Spa, .....